Are You Looking for Something Completely Different?


This position has now been filled by the incredible Claire Baker. However, if you are interested in visiting/helping out/volunteering at Konna Baza Sakar: Please see our WorkAway profile: here. 

Do you dream of escaping the rat-race and getting back to a slower, simpler pace of life?

Do you have experience with horses, farming and small business management/development and dream of living away from it all and doing something completely different? 

With the news manager Maxine Williams (Windebank) has left Konna Baza Sakar, we are urgently looking for a new ‘girl-Friday.’

What is it?
Konna Baza Sakar (Horse Base Sakar), is a small and really pretty new (established in early 2018), horse riding centre located in a small, rural village in South East Bulgaria.

And, we’re looking for someone who can take it to the next level. We have five mares, a gelding and a gorgeous Gypsy Cob stallion, some mini-pigs and goats and a whole heap of land still to develop.

Our water comes via a pump system from our well and the electricity and internet are actually really very good, (although both do get turned off during big storms).

What we need
We need someone who isn’t afraid to get stuck in. We have help with the mucking-out and the heavy lifting, (although there is still some- like when 500 hay bales turn up insanely late on a summer’s evening- yep, it has happened!)

We need someone who is willing to commit to our long-term Bulgarian adventure, from a horse and farming background with farm management and people skills. Someone basically ready to have an entire life change and for a decent amount of time. We’re looking long-term on this- and hope you are too?

We need horse experience, animal experience and people experience. For the animals, it’s circle of life stuff. Our stallion covers in spring (we do have additional help with this), but we need you to understand mares and be ‘comfortable’ with the procedure.  There’s babies (foals, piglets and possibly bunnies?), breaking and training youngsters, nursing older or sick animals, getting horses fit for the summer and then roughing off and battening down the hatches in the autumn.

We need a people person who can communicate with all nationalities, enjoys taking trail rides out, helping kids with the finer points of riding, and enjoys spending time showing children how to handle animals.

We need someone who’s ‘next-level’ electric fence un-tangler and a ‘bona-fide’ trailer reversing master.

We need someone who isn’t afraid to learn some Bulgarian- THIS IS ESSENTIAL! Someone with a clean driving license, happy to haul a horse-box and someone who isn’t afraid of  computers and several simple communication and organisational apps. We need someone who is happy to live alone, yet loves making new friends of all nationalities. We need someone who can keep on top of ordering feed, bales and medicines.  Someone who knows first aid for animals and humans and also when its time to call in the professionals.

Snowflakes need not apply
Rural Bulgaria is developing fast, however, it’s still no place for sissies! Our neighbours keep pigs for meat- and kill them. Wild pig hunting is a BIG and popular sport- and goes on all round us during the winter months. Nature is tough, we have vast wild fires, epic storms, and by August, incredibly low water levels. The snow can be deep and sometime driving to town in the thick of winter is near impossible. There’s no cinema, bowling alley, malls or Tinder- (well, there might be, but we’ve not seen it). There’s only a very small village primary school 3km away, so bringing children is not really an option, the supermarket is 20km away and the nearest really large hospital is over 50km away.

What it does have…
Incredible neighbours, who help each other. A REALLY very low cost of living. Fabulous local produce. Amazing wine. A strong community of Bulgarian, European and Russian residents many of which live the whole year through in the village. Thanks to the location between several nature reserves, we have no borders, fences or walls allowing for amazing trail rides, mountain biking, off-roading and walking. There’s also piles upon piles of archaeological remains. And all your basic needs are met via the village, which has four small shops (selling everything from hardware to salami, insurance policies to calling the doctor in the next village), a restaurant, a bar and a post office.

The village is just over an hour from Burgas and the coast, and a few hours from Bulgaria’s second and super-hipster city-Plovdiv, the current European city of Culture.

What we can offer
A house, a car, electric/work phone bills paid (unless of course, you plan on calling a different continent weekly), wood supplied for the petchka (log burning stove), two-week-days off per week, health insurance, visa, paid annual leave and lots of riding.  As for salary, we would need to discuss it, and it would depend on your experience, enthusiasm and commitment- but for the right person we can look at a whole range of interesting options from basic and profit share to, your ideas.

We’d love to hear from people of all nationalities, however, we would need to speak to our lawyer about the application process for non-EU nationals. And any Brits interested, please apply before the Brexit deadline.

Why aren’t we there?
You’re probably wondering if it’s so great, why aren’t we there? It’s a really good point. We are there regularly and throughout the whole summer, when the season really kicks off. But we also work away. We come back for school holidays and various trips in between. We’re always in communication, but we also need to finance this (crazy) dream. We have a network in the village for everything from maintenance, language/town trips/support and of course, gossip- its a village- of course, everyone knows everything!

This farm is our passion and we love it, and we need someone who can shepherd it forward as we develop the business – but moreover we are looking for someone who will be the guardian to our animals – look after them when we are not there and give them the home they truly deserve in our little corner of Bulgaria.

Still think you want to apply?
Take a little look around our website first, read a bit more about the place and the stables. If you think this might be something you still want to do, then email us on: and tell us why you think you think you want to come and join us at Konna Baza Sakar.