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Summer camps, easter camps, activity camps, kids camps, horse riding camps, school holiday camps- Konna Baza Sakar offers the best holiday fun around!

Who doesn’t love time spent on the farm? An out-door afternoon filled with playing with mini-goats, swinging through the tree-house, learning how to groom ponies, riding out through the village and of course, trying a spot of archery.

The highly-affordable and fun kids camp programmes run from 2pm to 6pm throughout the school holidays and are ideal for children aged 6 to 12 years-old. If your child isn’t between these ages, don’t worry- we do often accept and host children outside of this age-range too.

Kids Camp Activities
Our Srem village based kids camps offer a mix of: horse riding, carriage driving, mini-goat walking, supervised archery sessions, horse grooming, mini-horse-shows, Srem village activities, treasure hunts, tree-house and activity area, equestrian learning, (worksheets and activities), English learning, (English language training, worksheets, games and activities with devised and taught by qualified TESOL teacher), environmental learning and activities, spray paint/mural and art activities with internationally recognised artist Faunagraphic, clay modelling, hut-building and more…

The camp programme allows children more time, more fun, more learning and a more economical option than conventional riding lessons.

Generally the camps host a mix of Bulgarian, British and children of various other nationalities, this means your child is not only exposed to other languages, but will make lasting friendships with children from numerous different countries.

Srem bulgaria kids camp

The Fees
The kids camp programmes are affordable (usually 20 leva per child per day, meaning a slew of fun and supervised activities for 5 leva per hour). We also often offer sibling discounts and discounts for those who book several days consecutively.

So whether you’re looking for something to keep the kids/grandkids busy, outside and learning during the holidays, or simply want a child-free afternoon of peace and tranquility- our camps are the perfect solution.

kids camp srem bulgaria

The Team
Konna Baza Sakar has qualified TESOL teachers, UK qualified riding instructors, experienced camp organisers and more. The team is always evolving and expanding to bring more safe and fun activities to Srem.

kids camp srem bulgaria art projects

Camp Programme Details
Camp Name: Konna Baza Sakar Kids Camp
Location: Srem Village, Topolovgrad Municipality, Bulgaria
Activities: Various farm based activities including-horse riding, carriage driving, tree-house and activities, hut building, mini-goats, horse-grooming, archery, stable management, horse care, riding lessons, English language learning, competitions, treasure hunts, games, art classes and environmental projects.
Timings: 2pm to 6pm during school holidays
Dates: School holidays-contact the Konna Baza Sakar Facebook page for details
Age: Ideally 6 to 12 years old- however we do accept children outside this age range

Please see our Facebook page here for details on upcoming camps and activities.


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