Safety First at KBS


At Konna Baza Sakar we want you to have the very best possible experience- whether you are a rider, accompanying a rider or just coming to have a look around.

Regardless of how well trained or ‘quiet’ horses are, they are fundamentally large flight animals. This means we need to keep them happy and safe to ensure YOU are happy and safe. 

Here’s a run-down of what we’ve put in place to ensure you have a fun-filled and safe time while visiting us at KBS…



Our safety rail allows horses to be tied a safe distance apart.

1.Our tying rail allows the horses to be tied up with a safe distance between each animal. This allows riders and helpers to move around the horses safely.



Climbing aboard our horses is simple and safe.

2. Mounting Block: Often beginners (and even those experienced) can find mounting and dismounting their horse one of the most tricky parts of horse riding. To make this process simpler, easier and safer, we have our made-to-measure mounting block.

3. Riding Hats: Riding hats are an essential piece of horse riding equipment and you will be asked to wear one when riding at Konna Baza Sakar. All our hats have been purchased in the past two to three-years and comply with the most recent and current EU safety requirement 89/686/EEC. 

horse riding helmets

Old-school helmets and hats might look cute, but these vintage finds are way out of date when it comes to modern head safety.

“If you intend on bringing your own riding helmet please be aware we can not accept any of the old-style types (velvet 2 point-harness and non- 89/686/EEC jockey skull caps) as they do not comply with the current safety regulations and do not offer  credible protection.”

4. Back Protectors: Although it is not mandatory to wear a back protector- we do have a selection for those wishing to wear one. All comply with the current EU safety standards and range in size from five to six-years-old to large adult. 

5. Large well stocked first aid-kit: Accidents can and do happen whether horses are involved or not, for this reason we have a large well stocked first aid kid for all minor issues and incidents. 


Stables Srem village bulgaria

6. Fire Extinguishers/Fire Beaters: We have 3 fire extinguishers placed around the stables (2 near horse stables/1 in the tack-room). We also have several heavy duty fire beaters in the event of forest/hill fires. 

7. Medicine Storage: All horse medicines are kept safely out of reach of children in the tack-room.



8. Enclosed Arena for Lessons: For those developing their riding skills we have created an enclosed riding arena. This means learners can start safely knowing they are in an enclosed area and their horse will stay right where it needs to be.


Horse riding Bulgaria Konna Baza Sakar tack

Clean modern tack stored away from any damaging elements.

9. Modern Safe Tack: All our horses have modern, safe and well-fitting tack. It is cleaned and checked regularly and stored in a dedicated tack-room to ensure it is not damaged. 

10. Safety Briefing: If it is your first time at Konna Baza Sakar or you’re new to horse-riding- you will receive a short safety outline of the basic ‘dos and don’ts’ around horses.


58612929_811957025844530_4190947079331250176_n edit

11. Safe Tracks and Terrain: We’re located at the end of the village near the forest, which means our riders can stay safely away from vehicles, busy roads and other potential obstacles. 

12. CCTV: Our camera network protects your belongings while at KBS. 


Elhovo horse riding konna baza sakar

Clean and modern washroom facilities with hot and cold water.

13. Other Additional Safety Features: We also have quick release leadropes for leading and tying horses, disposable hat-liners to protect heads,  two hot and cold washing facilities for hand-washing, a toilet/shower and shaded seating area for non riders.


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