Explore Srem’s Magical Sun Circles

Discover a place all but forgotten in today’s modern world. A place where our ancestors came to offer gifts to the sun and mother earth for fertility in the year ahead.


Welcome to the magical Kyustarlaka sun circles. A rock sanctuary so ancient archaeologists are still undecided if it dates from the earliest Thracian era or if it indeed precedes their existence entirely.

Regardless of the sanctuary’s origins, those who explore the near-forgotten site all agree its elevation, staggering views and ‘very special energy,’ make it the perfect place to re-charge, re-fuel and re-connect with nature.

Ride out with us through the wild tracks of the Derventski Heights reserve to find the sanctuary. Once there, we let the horse graze while you explore this magical site.

Why not take a mat and try some yoga or meditation? Take a book or simply relax surrounded by the  mysterious 100 plus circles cut deep into the granite rocks, their meaning still not understood.

Sit high above the surrounding reserve and watch the area’s incredible wildlife, including; the Imperial Eagle, the Saker Falcon, deer, wild boar, hare and more.

Horse Ride Itinerary:

Arrive at Konna Baza Sakar and meet the menagerie. You’ll be chosen a horse based on your abilities and his/her personality. For non-riders there will be some simple instruction on the basics of riding and understanding your horse.

The ride out to the sanctuary takes between one and two hours depending on your abilities.

Spend one to two hours at the sanctuary. Let our guide Claire explain a little about what we do know of the stones or simply enjoy the peace and energy in your own way.

Feeling peckish? Let us know in advance, and we can add a hearty and locally produced picnic lunch at the nearby hunter’s picnic facility- set among the lower stones.

And, when you’re done, we’ll tack the horses back up and return to the stables on an alternative route, taking in the Tundzha river banks and numerous wild water-birds.

In total the trips takes between 4.5 hours and six-hours depending on your riding abilities and how long you want to spend at the stones. 

Experience Level: Beginner through to advanced

Fitness Level: Moderate


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