Our Focus on Community, Equine Welfare and Care of the Environment in 2019

Everyone at KBS would like to say thank you for your incredible support throughout 2019. By supporting KBS- you are in turn, supporting and strengthening the local Srem area. The money you spend with us, goes straight back into our local economy, our community and our gorgeous environment.

Don’t believe us? Here’s 10 ways your money directly develops our village:

1. It’s meant we can support our worker- Marco through his driving test… which he passed on his first attempt! (Well done Marco!!)

2. It’s meant we can employ the many amazing professionals we need to operate, such as Lora and Costa- our local vets, our trimmer Vanya and equine chiropractor- Elitza, Itzo our oversee-er of all, Penka our accountant, Mitco when we need driving and (amazing) advice, Elvira for translation, and in turn- add a little more to their annual incomes.

3. It brings the medals back to Srem and inspire our youngsters to go for gold, by sponsoring Claire and Intifada’s endurance racing career; and they’ve already scooped first place in their very first FEI 1* competition.

4. It’s meant we help support local families by offering regular day wages when ever we have renovations, events and/or parties.

5. When people come to ride with us, they almost all stop and spend money in our local shops, restaurants and bars, and many stay on, and spend a night at our local guest houses- this too, all adds to the local economy.

6. It’s meant we can support our Srem farmers, by buying all our bales (and there’s A LOT!) and grains locally, meaning: no middle man, no transport costs and no hassle!

7. It’s meant we can maintain the miles upon miles of tracks we use with regular trimming and collecting rubbish.

8. It’s allowed us to create our KBS Club made up of promising (and passionate) local children who can now learn horse riding, horsemanship and horse care.

9. It’s meant we have been able to showcase our really gorgeous (and unexplored) local environment and village to people from all over the world.

10. And of course, to keep our horses as naturally as possible and according to the most recent scientific findings: outdoors, on a track/mob grazing system and as a cohesive herd.

A HUGE and hearty thank you from us all at KBS!