Konna Baza Sakar Site Gets Ranked


65754873_2434289436627536_1471459828583890944_o (2)It’s not just our horses and riders that are getting recognised for their winning performances, now our little Konna Basa Sakar website is too!

We’re really happy here at KBS to be recognised by RSS feed complier- feedspot.com a for our online efforts. Check out their ‘Top 25 Equestrian Bloggers to Follow in 2020’and we’re lurking there at a really rather respectable #19.

Getting ranked means all the more to us as the site really is a personal project, a labour of love and something we do, and add to when we’re not doing the millions of other things required at KBS (e.g. mucking out, grooming hairy ponies, taking rides out, mini-goat wrangling, and all the other little things which pop up daily at KBS).

And, its not just about ‘being there’ either, if you check out the list, we’re in really great company too! Of course, the ‘British bible of equestrianism,’ Horse and Hound takes top spot, and why would it not? The publication, and now website, has been leading the UK’s equestrian conversation for over 130 years. There’s also Horse and Rider, Equestrian Life Magazine UK, and Everything Horse, all horsey-household names, yet, look a little further down the listings and there’s also some really great niche bloggers listed there, like our neighbour and friend over at the Confident Rider Project- well done Hannah!