Our Training Philosophy at Konna Baza Sakar

We all know, the UK has a very special relationship with the horse. For centuries, it has been associated with an exceptional tradition in all things equestrian. From the development of the fastest racing breed of all, the English Thoroughbred, to the launch of the first equestrian development association (the British Horse Society). For centuries the UK has led the equine world in research and development, programming, training and of course, top-level competition.

At the heart of British equestrianism is the thorough and focused training of children and beginners. It is where the philosophy, understanding and knowledge is imparted to future horsemen and women.

At Konna Baza Sakar, we work hard to maintain these values, and develop our training in a British style even though we’re located in the opposite end of Europe- in the heart of the Sakar region of Bulgaria.

Here are seven ways we bring true British equestrianism to KBS:

Although our KBS instructor Claire Baker is a licensed and certified Bulgarian riding instructor, she is from the UK and was trained herself through the classic British system. In addition, Claire regularly participates in various UK based training courses and networking events, meaning that she’s always up to date in the British philosophy and training, even though she’s working in Bulgaria.

The KBS training system is based on classic British programming. We believe everything starts with a solid foundation of riding and horsemanship skills. Our beginners focus on balance, coordination and respect for the horse and as they progress, concepts and skills are introduced via a clearly defined ladder of progression.

Being an exceptional horseman or woman isn’t just about riding. The UK recognises that getting to know your horse, learning to read your horse and an understanding of equine behaviour is an essential part of horsemanship. Our training teaches all aspects of horsemanship from stable management and horse care to behaviour and wellness, which makes not only better riders, but better horsemen and women and ultimately- more all-round empathic children!

No one learns to drive in a Ferrari, and if they did, there would surely be some catastrophic accidents! Just like a reliable, solid, driving school car, our horses are ideal for learning. British riding schools choose their horses carefully, based on character, reliability and calmness- and of course- so do we! This allows us to not only maximise safety for our learners, but means they can focus 100% on learning and developing their skills, not controlling crazy horses!

We understand the value Bulgarian parents place on English language learning and recognise that most children we teach require development in speaking and listening. For this reason, we offer training in both Bulgarian and English. Our experience has found that many children activate their spoken English skills while in the engaged on a horse and through simple repetition and discussion on the surroundings, we have consistently improved the language of our regular child riders.

The UK recognises that horse riding can potentially be a dangerous sport and as such place’s safety at the core of all equestrian activities. At KBS we too focus on safety. From the design of the facilities, to the thoughtful programming, from staffing training to our equipment availability (EU safety standard hats, and back protectors) and the calm and happy horses- everything is planned and managed to maximise the safety of our clients and staff.

While KBS is Bulgarian and not part of the British Horse Society, we do however, continually work to uphold the standards of the society by focusing on horse welfare, client safety, health and safety, insurance and horse care. The team has works hard to keep abreast of developments in the UK and consistently applies these at KBS.