Horse Riding Lessons

Learning the art of horse riding in Bulgaria is fun, affordable and a great way to spend your vacation time…

Maxine Williams (Windebank) teaches children's lessons

If you’d like to learn horse riding, horsemanship and the art of working with your horse, Konna Baza Sakar offers affordable riding lessons for both adults and children. 

Science is continually proving there are numerous beneficial reasons to learn horse riding, especially when it comes to children, these include; fitness, core strength, confidence, problem solving skills and more.

Our horse riding coaches are experienced and qualified in the UK and Bulgaria, while our horses are calm, quiet and patient- ideal for learning the basics of horse riding and so much more. 

KBS is unique in Bulgaria, in the sense that that while we might be Bulgarian qualified, we continue to follow a UK equestrian ethos based on horse welfare and horsemanship, participant safety, continual staff development and solid programming. To learn more about our KBS philosophy- visit here.

We also provide all safety equipment for our horse riding students (hat and body protectors), and our horses all have well-fitting and modern tack.

Horse riding Bulgaria Srem

Our Horse Riding Ethos

We believe in making capable, compassionate and considered horse men and women. Our lessons are based in European riding style using English saddles and equipment.

From the beginning we integrate riding skills with understanding the horse, safety, plus care and compassion for the animal.

Each lesson offers a clear learning objective, which is then followed by practice both in the arena and in the real world setting- out on our trails.

Each lesson starts long before the allocated 45 minutes of riding, with our students learning horse care and management. This includes: bringing horses in from the field, grooming, hoof picking and preparing them for their tack. Then it’s on to learning about your equipment (tack) and how to fit it, plus how to lead your horse and standing for the mounting block. Only then are riders ready to mount their horse and move to the arena.

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Lessons are available for half an hour and one hour duration, and discounts are available for those block booking classes. To find out more about horse riding in Bulgaria, horse riding holidays in Bulgaria and horse riding tours in Bulgaria, please email us at: for more details.