Learn to Horse Ride in One Week

Would you like to learn all the basics of horse riding in one week, or, maybe you rode as a child and would like an intensive refresher course to bring your skills up to par again?

Of course, realistically we can’t turn you into a showjumper or dressage star in just one week, however, we can promise via our intensive riding and horse skills course that you will gain understanding, confidence, basic skills and knowledge, and in the process, create a solid and compassionate foundation in horse riding.

The course offers a robust foundation in not only ridden skills, but also the basics of horsemanship, horse welfare and horse communication, allowing you to assess the condition and wellbeing of the horses you meet in the future and understand if they are happy, in good condition and their tack is well-fitting and safe.

Learn to horse ride in one week in a country known for its beautiful scenery, great climate and highly affordable activities.

Learn to horse ride in one week at a small friendly riding centre where the immersive and enjoyable programme is designed around you and your needs.

Learn to horse ride in one week at a stables where the horses come first. Where they live as nature intended, together as a herd, barefoot and with all natural feeds.

Learn to horse ride in one week at a centre with gentle calm horses, with modern and well-fitting and tack and equipment to ensure you and your horse have the most enjoyable experience.

Learn to horse ride in one week with a focus on animal welfare, communication and compassion.

Learn to Horse Ride in one Week: The Course Components

The ridden lesson component: You will have a minimum of one lesson per day focussing on rider position, the basic skills, plus understanding and using the basic aids. If you have ridden previously, this will be a mix of revision and development of basic skills. If you are a complete novice we introduce the skills and concepts in a progressive system ensuring that you build knowledge and skills progressively and safely.

The hacking component: Each day you will also ride out into the gorgeous Bulgarian countryside with your instructor. This activity gives you an opportunity to put everything you have learned in your lessons into practice and apply it in a real-world setting outside the arena.

The horsemanship component: Learn to lead your horse, groom, tack up and understand what your horse is thinking. Learning what motivates him and understanding why he does the things he does. This not only makes you a better horse man or woman but ensures your horse and those you meet in the future are happy being in your company.

Equipment: Discover what each piece of equipment does and why you need it. Learn to put it on the horse and assess its safety and condition, ensuring where ever you ride in the future you are safe and your horse is comfortable.

Additional: We also encourage all our riders to join us during our daily activities around the farm. This can and does include: bringing the horses in from their grazing, feeding, handling, vet visits, trimmer visits, groundwork and the myriad of things that make up daily life on the farm.

Why Take the Learn to Ride Course with KBS?

We are a small riding centre which offers bespoke courses specifically designed for each individual client.  This means we work with you before you arrive to ensure you are fully prepared and we know exactly what you want to do and get from your experience with us. We only accept small numbers so we can focus on individual tuition and specific client needs.

Plus, Bulgaria is not only a beautiful place to ride with miles upon miles of gorgeous countryside, but its really, REALLY, affordable too. This means that you not only have a beautiful place to learn to ride, but its also easy on the pocket…

What can I do before I arrive to ensure I get the most out of my time at KBS?

To get the most out of your time with us, we aim to prepare your body and mind as much as possible, before you arrive. To ready your body, we will send you a series of exercises to do in the weeks leading up to your course, not only will this prepare your body, but will ease any stiffness you might feel with hours of riding per day.

Who is the learn to ride in a week course for?

To get the most out of this course you do need to be relatively fit and active. Horse riding is a REAL sport and this course is intensive, with three to five hours riding per day, plus additional walking, thinking, learning and doing.

We have learned over the years that fit beginners have a good sense of balance, they are aware of their body and its movements, and they have the stamina to get the most from this course.

This course is a starting point for future horse riding. Some of our clients simply want to have the basic skills to enjoy trekking activities in the future. Some clients use the course as a starting point for regular lessons in their own country. Other clients are planning holidays with considerable horse riding components, to places such as Mongolia, Argentina or Montana, and want to maximise their skills in preparation.

We are a female run stables and as such offer a warm, comfortable and safe environment for solo female learners, mother/daughter holidays and small female groups.

What we need from you

To get the most out of our learn to horse ride in a week course, we need you to be REALLY honest with us! Honest about your fitness levels and most of all, be honest about your expectations. The more we know about you, the better we can tailor your course to suit you and plan for your success.

The Learn to Horse Ride in a Week Details

The learn to ride in a week course is five days of tuition. (We can reduce or extend the duration depending on your needs). The course costs 100 Euros per day with self-catering accommodation included.  

The course is suited for anyone over the age of 10 years old, although we can cater for younger children, the expectations will differ on what can be achieved during the course.

Riders need to be 95kgs or less. Again we can cater for those up to 105kg, however this needs to be discussed before booking.

Srem has various accommodation options, a restaurant, several bars and several shops all open daily and where all necessities can be bought.

Airport pick up and drop off can be arranged via a local company, as can trips to local wineries, towns and points of interest.

We will work with you to organise accommodation and airport pick-up  before you arrive, plus help with shopping and you will have use of our mountain bikes while in Srem.

To find out more about the Learn to Ride in One Week course, please email us at: konnabazasakar@gmail.com.

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