Riding Holidays

Welcome to Konna Baza Sakar’s bespoke Bulgarian horse riding holidays!

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We believe not everyone who’s seeking a horse riding holiday wants to be part of a large group, ride a set (and generally fast paced) route for six-plus hours per day and stay in different guest houses each and every night.

At KBS we do things a little differently…

We believe riding holidays should be about connecting with your horse, the local area and of course, the rural population. As a small stables which can accommodate from one to four riders per booking, we can offer a different type of riding holiday, one which is tailored especially to you and your needs. 

We offer a series of set activities and a selection of additional bolt-ons (many with no additional charges), then work with you prior to your arrival, to create YOUR perfect Bulgarian riding holiday.  Equine activities include; a trail rides through our incredible nature reserve, arena work for any problem issues you might want to focus on, day excursions both on horse-back and (when your legs are aching), by car, plus carriage driving, forest bathing, massage and more.


What Type of People Holiday with Konna Baza Sakar?

With our dependable Cob-type horses, incredible riding in the gentle rolling hills of the Dervent Heights nature reserve, our mix and match riding and lesson options and our hands on approach to horse care and management, we appeal to those who are looking for a more relaxed and tailor-made riding holiday., with more time and opportunity to connect with the Bulgarian rural way of life.  

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Our clientele are usually: older riders, small groups of friends, mum and daughter combinations, heavier riders (several of our horses carry 100Kgs plus), those seeking  a ‘refresher’ week focusing on fun riding, focused lessons and horse-care, those who have ‘lost their nerve’ and want to recover their joy for riding and those travelling with a ‘non-riding’ partner. 

Thanks to our incredible rural location, we can also offer fishing, mountain biking, vineyard tours, river kayaking, bird watching, hiking and archaeology excursions for those who simply aren’t ‘horsey.’


Tailor-Made Doesn’t Have To Mean Expensive!

For those coming from Western Europe, Bulgaria can seem an incredibly affordable country to visit, and rural Bulgaria even more so. This means we can offer a bespoke horse riding holiday service, at highly affordable prices.

In addition, we market our holidays directly to our clients via social media and increasingly by word of mouth. This means- no commission fees to holiday brokers and when you need your questions answered and your unique programmes planned- you are dealing directly with us.


Why Bulgaria?

Bulgaria is an unexplored outdoor and nature lovers paradise! With no fences or boundaries, well maintained farming and forest tracks and incredible weather, Bulgaria really is the perfect horse riding destination.

Set at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, Bulgaria has seen every major civilisation pass through and/or settle. From the Celts to Byzantines, Thracians to the Greeks, Romans and Slavs, Bulgaria offers some of the most impressive archaeology in Europe.

Rural Bulgaria offers visitors a rural life now vanished from the rest of Europe. Where else can you watch the village goat shepherd as he steers the herd each morning and night through the village streets? Where almost every household still grows their own vegetables, makes their own preserves and distills their own spirits?

Regardless of your language skills, those who genuinely want to reach out, are rewarded with gifts of fresh vegetables, invitations to help at the village Kazan (distilling house), garden tours, and even Rakia fueled evenings.


Our Horses

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We appreciate that not everyone looking for a horse riding holiday wants a ‘high powered performance animal.’

In fact, many people are looking for an experience with a quieter, more dependable and comfortable ‘Cobby’ type. However, this does not mean our horses aren’t responsive or can’t/won’t canter when asked, it just means that they’re rock solid and happy to go at the pace YOU want to go!

Currently, all Bulgarian horse riding holidays available, have a weight restriction of 90 Kgs, however, thanks to our stocky cobs we can offer riding for those up to 100Kgs.

To find out more about Konna Baza Sakar’s incredible, sure-footed and solid Cobs- see here. 


Horse Based Activity Options

At Konna Baza Sakar we offer a mix and match selection of:


Non Equestrian Activities


The Accommodation

Konna Baza Sakar has various village based accommodation options and is adding to this all the time.

Barn Bunkhouse

For those wanting to experience life at the heart of the farm, our beautifully converted barn-bunkhouse offers a double and two-single sleeper options with small kitchen, garden seating, BBQ area, gorgeous outdoor-washroom facility, children’s tree-house and access to everything happening at the farm.

Ideal for: people planning a fully immersive farm/equestrian experience, and plan on participating in horse care and management activities, plus love the idea of life with animals right on your doorstep. (However, be prepared for Johnny and June the mini-goats to join you for evening BBQs and Zippy the Jack Russell’s nightly attempts to sneak into your bed!)


Village Guest Houses

Srem offers several small guest houses which can be rented either by room or in their entirety. They are managed by Bulgarian families who live on the premises and maintain the beautiful gardens and facilities.

We visit the guest houses regularly and can confirm that although relatively basic by UK standards they are exceedingly clean, well resourced and much loved.

Ideal for: Those wishing to mingle with the locals and experience the rural Bulgarian way of life.


Village Hotel

Srem has one ‘larger’ village hotel which offers ‘family’ rooms with shared kitchen/dining facilities. The hotel was recently renovated and is located in the centre of the village, with the local bar attached and pretty BBQ and small pool area.

Ideal for: Those wishing to participate in the local social scene, (Srem has a lively Bulgarian and international community- who meet nightly at the bar below the hotel).

*As the hotel rates are higher- there is a surcharge for those booking this accommodation option.


The Food

Srem village food is so local most of it has only crossed the street to get to your plate! Food here is simple, fresh and packed with more taste than you thought possible!

Yogurt, milk, butter, cheese, jams and conserves, eggs, honey, vegetables, fruits and nuts are all available from the village itself.

Our local town supplies the rest, much of which also comes from regional suppliers.

Lunch and evening meals at KBS are a range of English and Bulgarian style cooked meals, BBQs, picnics and dining-out at small local restaurants. 

Breakfast is on you! We supply local yogurts, cheeses, veggies, meats and eggs, plus tea, coffee and accessories. 


Our Promise To You

At KBS we’re committed to helping you create life-long horsey memories. To do this, we promise to work with you in every step of the planning process, from choosing your perfect equine companion to crafting your own unique programme of activities and riding.

We are committed to sustainable and responsible equine care, based on the most recent scientific welfare research. Our horses live out year-round as a cohesive and barefoot herd, on a mixture of track and equi-central grazing systems, with additional forage and feed fed on the ground.

Our equipment is modern and well-fitting ensuring both you and your equine-partner have an enjoyable experience.

Our multi-national team is passionate about horses and promoting the beautiful local area. We are continually sourcing new destinations, new activities and new opportunities to make your holiday even more memorable.

Konna Baza Sakar is committed to supporting and strengthening our local village community. As such, we employ and source as much of our produce locally as possible. 

To find out more about horse riding in Bulgaria, horse riding holidays in Bulgaria and horse riding tours in Bulgaria, please email us at: konnabazasakar@gmail.com for more details.