About Us

Konna Baza Sakar is a horse riding centre located in the beautiful and unexplored Sakar Mountain region of South East Bulgaria.


Run by a group of family and friends, we believe horse riding experiences and holidays can not only be ‘once-in-a-lifetime,’ experiences, where people connect with their horse and the nature around them- but ethical too.

We’re passionate about our horses, our local environment and community and about ensuring your time with us, where that’s a half hour lesson or a full week of riding and rural adventures- is memorable, educational, ethical and of course, REALLY great fun!

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What we Offer

At KBS we offer; horse riding holidays, adventure trail riding, riding lessons, carriage tours and driving lessons, farm-stays, children’s archery, fresh water fishing, mountain bike hire and use, a farm event venue and of course, our famous kid’s outdoor activity camps.

Find out more about our horse riding activities here: Horse activities

Via our friends in the region, we can also offer; vineyard tours and tastings, rural hotels with swimming pools and dining, river kayaking, traditional Bulgarian cooking classes, beautiful local accommodation, archaeology tours and more. 

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Our Horses

We specialise in offering affordable horse riding holidays and experiences for those who want a relaxing equestrian holiday.  For people who don’t want to just jump on and charge to the next guesthouse, but want to choose their pace, enjoy the incredible nature reserve setting and really get to know their horse. 

Our horses are calm and responsive and love getting a fuss made of them! We actively encourage our riders to get involved not just riding, but helping us groom, feed and learning about their care.

For experienced riders, they’ll canter and even ‘pop’ a small jump, yet for beginners they’ll happily walk the entire trip. This means we can specialise in those who are over 50 or under 10 years old, those just starting their equestrian journey and those who want to improve their riding confidence.

With several horses built like proverbial ‘tanks,’ we can also offer affordable and enjoyable riding to those over 95kgs, (in fact, up to 105Kgs), we believe, currently the only horse riding centre in Bulgaria to do so.

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Why are they so calm?  Well, some of it is breeding (several are draft crosses), their experience and of course, because they’re happy!  They live out, in a herd 24 hours a day, in accordance with the most recent scientific research on horse-care. They are all barefoot, have well-fitting and modern tack and eat only locally produced, chemical free feeds and forage. 

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Our Commitment to Our Horses 

It is an exciting time to be in the equestrian industry, the equestrian world is finally beginning to move away from the idea of blindly following, ‘what has always been done’ to horse-keeping based on scientific findings. Although we’re small, (or maybe because we are?), we’re continually reading, researching and implementing, the philosophy of science-backed natural horse keeping when ever we can, given the resources we have. 
To date we have:


Our Commitment to Our Community


Around the world, rural communities are struggling to survive, and in Bulgaria, the situation is even worse, with an estimated 12 villages dying completely each year. We’re passionate about our village, and know without it, we would not exist either! To this end, we support and strengthen our community in a variety of ways, including:

  • Employing locally- offering a living wage, training opportunities and full social security payments
  • Supporting other local businesses via our website, Facebook and word of mouth
  • Offering reduced price training sessions for local children who are passionate about riding and being with horses
  • Supporting any community events
  • Continual online promotion of our area and village 


Our Commitment to Our Local Environment and Sustainability

At KBS we’re passionate about our beautiful local environment and village. To this end, we are constantly looking at ways to protect and improve our area. To date we have:

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Getting Here

Located in the beautiful foothills of Sakar Mountain, Bulgaria, our village (Srem) is only 15 minutes from the main Romania/Istanbul highway near the Lesovo border crossing to Turkey and just under one-hour from Svilengrad and the Capitan Andreevo border crossing to Edirne.

Those coming from further afield can either fly into Burgas (1 hour 20 minutes away) or Sofia (3.5 hours away). For both cities we can organise either affordable car-hire or airport pickup/drop off with English speaking driver.


Konna Baza Sakar makes the perfect stopover for families and small groups travelling through and/or around Bulgaria.

Our location is available: here. 


About Us

The human inhabitants at Konna Baza Sakar are a mix of Bulgarian, Scottish, South African and English; with over over 70 years combined equine experience. We also have a whole host of Work-Aways, pony-crazy volunteers and additional local support staff as and when we need it.

  • We speak; English, Bulgarian and Afrikaans
  • We have equestrian qualifications from both the UK and UAE
  • We have a qualified TESOL English teacher

To find out more about the Konna Baza sakar team, see here.


Joining Us

Konna Baza Sakar is passionate about strengthening and building our local community. To develop this further we are part of the international Work Away scheme. To date, we have welcomed international chefs who have reinvented local dishes, creatives who have crafted promotional videos of the area and stone masons who have trained local builders. We offer several placements per year to those interested in joining us. We generally look for people with skills in:

  • Photography/videography/mural artists
  • Community development specialists
  • Equestrianism
  • Environmentalism and conservation
  • Those with experience in running children’s camps 

However, our needs (and our community’s) are always developing and we’re also keen to hear from people who feel they might be able to help.


To make a Bulgaria horse riding booking or find out more about our services, message us at konnabazasakar@gmail.com or find us @Konna Baza Sakar on Facebook.



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