Meet Our Horses

The Konna Baza Sakar herd is a pretty international bunch, hailing from the UK, Spain, Turkey, and Bulgaria. And, while each of their personalities, breeding and likes and dislikes differ hugely, they do all have several things in common. 


They’re solid, sure-footed, good-natured,’ and calm and, of course, all boast stunning good looks!

Did you know we practice numerous natural horse keeping systems to ensure our horses are in tip-top health? Read here to find out more…



Maxine Williams (Windebank) rides Luna

Ten-year-old Luna loves to work. Whether she’s in the carriage or out on the trails, she’s forward going, responsive and very obviously- loves her job!

Standing around 15hh, she’s a mid-weight mixed breed (although we don’t know what). Luna is possibly the favourite among those who can ride, thanks to her forward going nature and willingness to carry herself well. Yet, much like Henry, she’s calm and placid when working with beginners. 

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Mini-draft Marta is rock-solid. She might only stand around 14.2hh, yet her heavy set and short stocky legs mean she can carry riders weighing around 100 Kgs with ease.

She’s ridden by both adults and children and is equally comfortable both in the carriage and under-saddle. She’s our ‘go-to’ horse for teaching adults the basics and when we have riders with physical and/or learning disabilities, who require an unflappable and dependable equine-partner.


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Bred by the well-known ‘Hermit’s’ Stud Farm in the UK, Gypsy Cob Ginny is every child’s clear favourite. We’re still not sure if this is thanks to her lengthy mustache, her incredibly gentle nature or her willingness to dress-up as our KBS unicorn.

Imported from the UK several years ago, Ginny is the typical ‘bomb-proof’ cob, she’s perfect on the lead-rein, in the school and out on the hills- over the years Ginny has taught many small children, to both ride and love horses!



Athena is our first foal at KBS. Now almost five-years-old, she’s finally joining the trekking crew. It’s been a long journey, from birth, through to learning herd living, long reining, first feet trimming, worming, lunging and finally riding. Having had such a chilled start to life, Athena is simply a joy to be around. She’s kind, willing, brave and really loves finally being able to join the others out and about on the trails. 



Dilarer is a Turkish-bred flat racing Arabian, although you wouldn’t know it from her super-relaxed demeanor and willing attitude to work. She came to us back in late 2019, she was pretty much untouched, however had had a foal at four-years-old. We decided the best plan of action was to turn her out for a year and a half to let her grow, develop and mature. 

In early 2021 we gently backed her and later that year she began her endurance training, competing in two local 40km endurance qualifiers. All we hoped for was a positive experience, and she certainly went over and above with two solid completions, perfect behaviour and great heart rates.





Pure Spanish mare Lenche, is the biggest of the gang, standing just over 16hh. She arrived in April 2021 and has been everyone’s favourite ever since. Gentle, honest and beautiful, Lenche loves both hacking out and lessons in the arena.



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Small riding ponies are surprisingly difficult to find in Bulgaria, so when a friend decided to sell little Jacko- we snapped him up!

Standing around 107cm, he’s a ‘super-mini,’ yet his build is leggy and he shows no  character or physical traits of the Shetland breed, in fact, he’s incredibly forward going, friendly and honest.

Jacko came to KBS as an unbroken stallion, yet today, he is a children’s pony and Bulgaria’s smallest endurance competitor, to learn more about his journey from feral to fab, click here.

Sakar Gold

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We set about the process of imported our breeding stallion, Sakar Gold from the UK back in 2017. Standing around 14.3hh, he’s homozygous for Tobiano colouring and has all the traits of the ‘Old-School’ Irish Gypsy Cob ‘type,’ making him a popular stallion choice in the region. For more information on Sakar Gold and his youngstock, see here. 

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