Farm To Table Bulgaria

Bulgaria has always done ‘farm to table,’ with a low-key integrity other countries could only hope to emulate.

From our village organic mountain honey, to the heirloom vegetables, the unique yogurt cultures to the family recipe preserves- each of Srem’s local products offers an authentic  local narrative anchored deeply to the village and indeed, each individual family… 

Farm yard scene Srem village Apostol Dragiev

Many parts of rural Bulgaria boast the highest percentages of centenarians in the world… but do you know why?

Scientists believe its a combination of an outdoor physical rural lifestyle and of course- the incredible locally produced food!


srem village mountain honey

There’s gold in them there hills!

The Honey

While the debate continues around whether Manuka or Acacia honeys should hold the world title and command the highest prices, Srem’s small population simply gets on with tending their thousands of hives and making unique honeys.

Located on the edge of the pristine Natura2000 nature reserve, the village takes full advantage of the untouched woodlands and wild-flower meadows to produce some of the cleanest and delicious honey available.

Visit our bee-keeping neighbours and you’ll discover a whole world of honey. dark and thick from the forest trees, light and golden from the local ‘wonder-plant’ the Linden-tree, and deep-gold from the wild mountain flowers. They will explain at length, that each has its own use, taste and health-giving benefits.

We have many neighbours who produce exceptional local honey, and guests can buy it at wholesale prices, (currently around 4 to 5 Euros per Kg).

Various honeys, wax, propolis and home-made, all-natural beauty products are available in the village for those who are interested.


The Yogurt

Bulgarian yogurt is famous globally for its tangy taste and health giving properties. Crafted since Thracian times, the word ‘yogurt’ is actually derived from the words for ‘thick’ and ‘milk’ in ancient Thracian.

The specific culture which makes Bulgarian yogurt is found naturally in the air in Bulgaria, yet it took until very recently for the unique ‘Bacillus Bulgaricus’ to be effectively ‘captured’ and exported.

In Srem we have several village based producers (homemade and commercial), of both sheep and cow milk yogurts. If you would like to know more about making traditional yogurt by hand, or taste the unique varieties, we can organise classes and possibly even get you some culture to take home too!

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Farm to plate in Srem village Bulgaria


The Cheese

Bulgaria is synonymous with two types of cheese- Kashkaval and Cireine. While the Kashkaval is a young ‘hard’ cheese, the Cireine is white, soft and much like a really good Greek feta.

Cireine can be made with sheep, cow, goat or a mix of all these milks. The cheese is particularly delicious and used in a variety of both hot and cold dishes.  

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The Vegetables and Produce

Garlic from Srem village Bulgaria


Our neighbours grow almost all their fruit and vegetables themselves. However, what makes our village especially unique, is that most families use their own seed collected and hybridized over the decades to create hundreds of completely unique varieties in one small village alone. 

Many of our neighbours are elderly and are only too happy to have help picking, jarring and pickling their crops. If you would like to have a ‘taste’ of Srem and/or learn more about the numerous preserving processes used to keep produce both delicious and stored without refrigeration- we can arrange for you to meet and help our incredible self-sufficient neighbours to learn more…

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