The Sakar Wine Region

Welcome to Sakar- Bulgaria’s own ‘Napa Valley.’

The Sakar region has been renown for its wine since the times of Thrace, and whether you’re a rider who loves a quality red at the end of the day or someone who would love to know more about the unique grapes and artisan techniques of our local makers: Konna Baza Sakar makes the perfect starting point for exploring the Sakar wine region.

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The Sakar Wine Region: Home to the Best Bulgarian Wine

If you love wine, then you’ve come to the right place! The Sakar wine region, known for its long dry summers and leached granite soils, and it’s quickly becoming synonymous with some of the best red wines in the country.

The region has been revered for its wines since Thracian times, and as well as being the best spot in Bulgaria for well-known varieties such as; Merlot and Syrah, the area also produces some highly memorable local varieties- namely Mavrud and Rubin.


“The wine has accompanied the ancient Thracians throughout their lives. With wine they celebrated the soil of the newborn, and with wine they sent the deceased to nothing. It was food for the poor man, a pleasure for the rich and medicine for everyone. Even the slave was not deprived of it.”


During communist era, Bulgarian wine production was focused almost entirely on ‘quantity,’ with the country supplying much of the demand for red in both the USSR and the UK.

Today however, the region is attracting young, passionate vinters back to the land to nurture both well-known global grape varieties and those inextricably linked to the area’s past.


Bulgarian Wine Tasting Notes- Our Unique Varieties

Mavrud Wine: Mavrud is probably the most well-known and ancient local variety of grape. The flavour is somewhat like a lightly oaked Malbec, with fruity and chocolate notes and is perfectly complimented by oak storage where the wine takes on a complex aroma and full-bodied taste.

Rubin wine: This hybrid of Syrah and Nebbiolo grapes was created in Bulgaria in 1944. The grape is also fruity in flavour and is best matured to even out the tannins. Rubin is gaining popularity and is often found in a blend with Mavrud. 


grapes in South Sakar wine region

Sunset over the Ivo Varbanov vineyard


Touring the Vineyards of Sakar Wine Region

The Sakar wine region is split into two primary areas; vineyards around Harmanli and those based near Svilengrad. Both towns are roughly an hour away from Konna Baza Sakar, and we can arrange visits to both, with a local bilingual driver.

The Harmanli vineyards are located in two areas, those concentrated mainly around the village of Kolarovo (57Km) away and those in and around the city itself.

Kolarovo village boasts four vineyards in close proximity. These are: Malkata Zvezda, Chateau Kolarovo and the dual vineyards of Castra Rubra/Telish.  Additionally, the village of Izvorovo near Kolarovo is the location of the Ivo Varbanov vineyard, although the actual wine-making process takes place in Harmanli.

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The town of Harmanli itself, (65Km away from Srem), is the location for three multi award winning wineries; Terra Tangra, Bratanov and Villa Basserea, plus the Stanbolovo vineyard 26Km south of the regional captial of Haskovo. 

The ancient Thracian town of Mezzek, near Svilengrad (65Km from Srem), is another well-known location for wineries and vineyards. Here you will find; the vast French owned Katarzyna vineyard, Lozev, and Mezzek winery.

Almost all of the Sakar vineyards welcome those who would like to taste and learn more about their craft, however, visits and tours generally require pre-booking. 


8 Award winning Sakar wines you must try:

Merlot & Syrah, South Sakar Selection, Bratanov, 2015
The Firebird, Ivo Varbanov, 2013 Syrah
Katarzyna Mavrud 2016
Bratanov Tamianka Single Vineyard 2016
Malkata Zvezda Rubin 2015
Katarzyna Reserve 2011
Bratanov Merlot Private Reserve 2013
Ivo Varbanov Syrah Mazeppa 2012


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