Horse Track Livery in Bulgaria

Konna Baza Sakar now offers the first and only herd-living horse track system livery in Bulgaria. Science says that horses which are allowed to move freely, be social, choose where they want to be and with who, eat a varied diet of natural grasses and forage, are, on the whole, happy horses. And, after four-years of building, developing and expanding the track system and our communal grazing areas with our own horses- we whole heartedly agree!

The Track
Our recently extended horse track system allows our horses live out, move and socialise 24/7. Covering an area of approximately 800metres, the track system includes a small pine forest area, a large field shelter, numerous large protective hedges and is situated across two adjoining hillsides encouraging horses to move and explore.


Located on a unique grassland reserve, Konna Baza Sakar has numerous additional decares of natural grazing, which we manage based loosely on regenerative grazing practices. This means the horses are rotated regularly and the ground is constantly monitored for damage and natural manure fertilisers are only ever used. All this means our horses have a very wide variety of low-sugar shrubs, herbs and grasses to graze.

Bulgaria Horse Livery Stabling and Facilities
Although our livery horses live out 24/7 in a herd, we do also offer stabling as and when required. All stables are built to EU specifications and are monitored 24/7 by CCTV.
In addition, livery clients have the use of a secure and dry tackroom, a feedroom, a tacking-up areas, washroom and showering facilities, BBQ area, medicine fridge, mounting block, enclosed grass arena and hire of our large modern horsebox.

Bulgaria Horse Livery Horse Health and Safety
Our livery services are overseen by manager Claire, who along with being an experienced horse woman, was previously a veterinary nurse in the UK. She now lives on site and as well as running the stables, can administer basic medicines and make detailed health assessments. Depending on the issue, our livery stables veterinary care is provided by several vets and our horsebox is always ready should we need to take a horse to the university veterinary hospital in Stara Zagora.

For security, our livery horses are brought into paddocks monitored by CCTV near the stables at night.
Throughout the year our horses are treated for both internal and external parasites on a rotation of products.


Our livery services focus on natural and locally sourced feeding. All our forage (hay, lucerne etc.) is sourced within the village itself and we are involved in the process, from farm to stable.
Our additional feeding products are also sourced locally, and consist of soaked Mramor barley, Srem alfalfa chaff, with the addition of Yambol sunflower oil as and when required.

Feet, Teeth and Backs

We’re lucky enough to have the services of experienced natural timmer Vanya Lazarova- who competes her own horses both nationally and internationally entirely barefoot, and Elitsa Bachvarova-Popova a skilled equine veterinarian- who excels in equine chiropractic work and dentistry.

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A Place for Those Who Love to Ride

Having ridden in the area for years, we know all the best spots, from the locations of all the well-hidden hunters picnic benches, to the best lakes for horse swimming, flat tracks for cantering and which local restaurants are happy for you to hitch up the horses and have lunch.
Although not a ‘competition’ yard, we do compete in national and FEI level endurance and as such, we’re perfectly positioned both in terms of experience and equipment, for those wishing to get into the world’s fastest growing (and we think, by far the most fun!) equestrian sport.

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Great for People Too!
Whether you’re looking for temporary accommodation and horse livery in Bulgaria while you find your dream home, or you plan long-term horse livery because you plan to live in the area, Srem village has a lot to offer those who love nature.
For horse riders, Srem is perfect. Situated in Bulgaria’s South East, it offers the best winter temperatures, plus various lakes, forests and rivers, plus miles of tracks to explore.  
It is also the finest region for red wine, boasts impressive archaeological sites, some of the country’s best freshwater fishing and is only a stone’s throw from both Turkey and Greece.

The village also offers several restaurants, hotels, guest-houses, rental homes, bars, shops, farms and services such as Easy Pay.

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If you would like more information on our horse livery services in Bulgaria; prices, options and/or availability please message us at: or call: +359 87 917 8522.