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Collaborating with Konna Baza Sakar
Are you looking to generate additional and genuine value-add activities to your luxury hotel offering this season?
Do your guests continually seek additional activities and experiences during their staycation- yet you are unsure what high-quality options the Sakar region has to offer?

Tailor-made Equestrian Packages for Luxury Hotels
Hotel guests today want more. More attention to detail, more unique offerings, more Instagram-bale dishes and a stronger narrative running through the food, the wines and of course, the location.
They want more quality, better safety standards, and more imaginative and engaging experiences for their children. They want immersive adventures where they develop new skills, gain a new perspective, and create unique and cherished lifelong memories.
Of course, for many in this income bracket, equestrianism is already a significant part of their life. Just one glance at a saddle or sit on a horse and they intrinsically understand if the provider is backed by quality, attention to detail and years of equestrian experience.
Our team has worked in the equestrian industry for over 35-years combined and boasts experience in the polo stables of Upstate New York, the coordination of luxury desert riding adventures in Dubai, international endurance racing in Bulgaria, and various trekking ventures across Scotland, England and Bulgaria.

At KBS we know and understand the demands of the equestrian tourism market.

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April: Vibrant new crops emerge and trees come into bloom

Why consider adding horse riding to your hotel offerings?

  • Horse riding is first and foremost, incredible fun!
  • Working with a large animal towards a common aim is deeply rewarding
  • Horse riding develops overall fitness, balance and coordination
  • Horses are naturally empathetic; it has been proven that just being around horses changes human brainwave patterns. We calm down and become more centred and focused when we are with horses
  • Horse riding is not just entertainment- it’s a lifelong skill suitable for anyone between three-years-old and 83!
  • Spending time with horses improves peoples’ social skills and teamwork
  • Horse riding allows riders a new perspective of the flora and fauna of the Sakar area

“No hour of life is wasted that is spent in the saddle”
The KBS horses have been selected from around Europe for their calm and reliable personalities and their rugged off-road capabilities, making them ideal for exploring the Sakar region. The majority stand between 142cm and 151cm at the shoulder, making them mid-sized, weight carriers; ideal for both adults and children. Classed as ‘Cobs’ in the UK, they are surefooted, calm and ideal for both complete beginners who simply want to walk on a rope and also for those who can ride and want to enjoy a bit of speed.

We’re as extraordinary as our people!
Experience matters… both across the equine industry as a whole, and of course- at home at KBS. With over 35-years hands-on experience, our team knows both how horses behave and the people around them. From optimum equipment fitting and instruction, to a genuine passion for the local area and well-rehearsed safety protocol, our team has it covered.

Clean and modern washroom facilities with hot and cold running water.

Quality is not an act- it’s a habit
We’re continually sourcing and updating equipment for our horses, from the crowd-pleasing colour coordinated horse equipment for children to our sumptuous Dutch buffalo leather trail saddles. We work continuously to ensure the fit for each horse remains ideal and regularly trial new items to improve both our customer and horse comfort.

Safety is no accident
At KBS we take safety seriously. For our riders, we offer a selection of EU safety standard helmets (compulsory) and body protectors (optional) to our well-fitting and maintained horse equipment.
For us, it’s all about the detail, from our complimentary, yet discrete hair nets, to protect each rider, to our stirrup balancing and one-on-one briefing before each ride.

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Clean modern tack stored away from any damaging elements.

The KBS philosophy
Regardless of whether our clients are children or adults, experienced or beginners, the aim at KBS is to not only develop their skills in riding and their understanding of horsemanship, but to deepen their knowledge of the fascinating and unique Sakar region.  To ensure we meet these qualities our staff are qualified and experienced equestrians and passionate and knowledgeable about the local area. We know just how to craft life-long memories, whether that’s teaching a six year-old exactly how to stop their horse on command or by capturing the very best images of the experience.
Our staff are not only highly experienced, but our instructors are qualified too. Claire is qualified under the Bulgarian Equestrian programme, while Cursty is with the UKCC.

B to B opportunities with KBS
KBS offers several collaboration opportunities:

  • Private riding and carriage bookings at KBS. We craft a bespoke experience which can include: half hour village walks to half and full day adventure experiences. We also have carriage and riding tours which are ideal for hotel provided picnic packages. 
  • Tailor-made children’s activities. We offer environmental, conversational English and nature/animal- based children’s camps (four-hour long) throughout the year and on special request.
  • Bespoke riding holidays. Tell us your guests’ riding level, needs and wants, and we craft a riding holiday around their needs. Guests then visit us daily for instruction, trail riding, and horsemanship and horse-care classes- before returning to the hotel at night.
  • We bring our horses to you: Do you have an event or party requiring unique entertainment activities? The KBS team can help! Let us bring the horses/petting farm animals to you.
  • Longer residential options: For those seeking an in-house collaboration with horses onsite for longer periods of time, please contact us to discuss further.

The Konna Baza Sakar Details
Konna Baza Sakar is managed under our fully registered Bulgarian company trading under Sakar 77 OOD. We have BABX accreditation as a Konna Baza via the Haskovo regional BABX office and are insured for our riding activities and our horses are passported and chipped according to EU/BABX regulation.
We recommend riders are no more than 95Kgs, however we can accommodate riders up to 100Kgs with prior booking.
Lead experiences are available for children from 2 years up (with parental assistance) and ideally suited for children aged four to 10 years old.