Help Out On The Farm

Farms stays and eco-tourism at Konna Baza Sakar

At Konna Baza Sakar, we believe children should be able to roam free, explore nature and of course learn more about animals. At Konna Baza Sakar we offer a whole slew of outdoor options for the whole family.

Stay with us at our partner-Guest house and have full use of our family mountain bikes to enjoy the local village and nature reserve trails.

Sign the kids up to our regular Kids camps and let them explore nature, environmentalism, animal husbandry and farm life in a friendly, safe and multi-cultural setting.   

We welcome kids of all ages to help us around the farm. Help move our horses to new pastures, groom and muck out, corral mini-goats and help with foal and young-stock training.

Farm Stay Bulgaria: What’s it like?

What will you do while you’re with us? Well, there’s grooming the horses, training our new foals, feeding bunnies, walking Zippy our crazy Jack Russell or simply hanging-out with Johnny and June our gorgeous mini-goats- Konna Basa Sakar really is a busy place!

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Each morning the horses need hay and water and to be taken out to new fields. Some need training, others need exercise and their feet cleaned. And, it doesn’t stop there, there’s also poop-scooping, brushing and making food for Gypsy our gorgeous Gypsy Cob stallion.

And it’s not all about animals, Konna Baza Sakar also offers archery, arts and crafts, kids camps and a children’s play area with our famous tree-house. 

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In the spring there’s foals being born, hay to be cut and stacked and in the late summer apples to collect from the trees. Throughout the year we use our carthorse Marta to collect various things we need from the village such as wood, bales and vegetables. 

Throughout the year we trim back the trails and ensure they are clear of rocks, branches and other debris which can hurt our horses and riders, and of course all the other people who use the trails.  

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