Srem in June

Early to mid-June, is certainly one of the most beautiful times in Srem. Spring has well and truly sprung and the profusion of plant, animal, bird and insect life is simply staggering!


The Climate

Average temperatures: Highs of 28 Degrees/lows of 14 degrees
Hours of Daylight: 15 hours
Chance of rainfall: 23%


Take a Fire-Fly Safari: Early June is fire-fly season and you don’t need to tour Asia to experience their wonder. Join us in a magical night safari to find where the fire-flies play.

Lavender Fields: Our local monastery is known for its acre upon acre of lavender fields. The world’s most photogenic crop, is not only perfect for photos, but once you’ve been, the scent will stay with you for days.


Monastery Festival: Early to mid June/to be confirmed annually. Campers descend on our local monastery from all over Bulgaria for a weekend of tradition and fun. Expect, fair ground rides, home-made sweet stands, folk singing and music competitions and lots of traditional Bulgarian wrestling. 

Solar Equinox: Srem has easy access to three defined Sun-Circle sites. These mysterious monuments are thought to be linked to ancient Egypt and part of Thracian Sun God worship. 


The Horses

By mid-June we’re starting to shift our working hours from day riding to early mornings and later evenings, to avoid the heat.


What to Bring

We can have some really hot days in June so sunscreen is a must.