Srem in May

Perfect spring weather and a thick blanket of wild flowers- May is a simply stunning month to be in Srem



Average temperatures in May: Highs of 24 degrees and lows of 10 degrees
Percentage chance of rain in May: 22 to 25 percent
Hours of daylight per day in May: 13 to 15 hours

The Nature Trails 
May is characterised by big skies, blankets of wild flowers and new arrivals everywhere. Look out for; the Golden Oriole, Imperial eagle, Sakar falcon, Scopes owl,  Syrian woodpecker and more.

The Horses
Having now lost their winter coats and becoming fitter by the day, the horses are ready for some serious hours under saddle.

Cultural Events
6th May: St Georges Day- read more about it here
11th May: Cyrillic Alphabet Day

What to Bring
Warmer evenings means less bulk clothing in your packing. However, with showers still expected it is still essential to bring a light riding water-proof and strong/waterproof boots.