When to Visit

Mother nature in South East Bulgaria can be both forceful and vibrant. Each season not arrives with its own riot of colour, but unique festivals and cultural events too.

Each month offers a truly unique experience- from our incredible fire-flies and lavender and sunflower fields to the annual celebrations for spring and the return of the adored white storks.   

Unlike the UK climate, the seasons in Srem are clearly defined with winters often cold and snowy, yet almost always with brilliant blue skies, crisp nights and heavy morning frosts.

srem village bulgaria

Spring is generally short (April to mid-June) and violent, as nature reawakens with a riot of greens peppered with wild flowers and tree blossom.


sunflowers in srem village

Summer (July through to mid-September) is generally hot (up to 38 plus degrees) with long balmy evenings, cool mornings and very little rainfall.

Autumn (late September to mid-November) is nothing short of spectacular, with the vast deciduous forestry around Srem rivaling any New England colour display.

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At Konna Baza Sakar we offer riding holiday options throughout the Spring and Autumn months, with limited Winter availability. 

 What to Expect When you Visit:

  • Spring in Srem
  • Autumn in Srem