Sakar Gold: Irish Cob/Tinker Stallion at Stud


Essential Information:
Sakar Gold

Breed: Irish Cob/Tinker/Gypsy Vanner
Height: 150cm
Colour: Piebald/Tobiano
Documented: Passported UK/BG
Location: Topolovgrad Municipality, Haskovo Region
Country of Origin: UK

Why Choose Sakar Gold?

Sakar Gold was imported from the UK in 2016. He was selected to complement mares in the local area:
Village Driving Horses: To add better conformation, strength, increased bone,  colour and temperament.
Bulgarian Tinker Mares: To offer a quality stallion for 100% Tinker off-spring.
Riding Horses: To create an eye-catching coloured cross which offers more substance, increased bone, increased hardiness, and sensibility, (UK Tinker/Thoroughbred crosses are the ideal jumping hunter).

SG has all the attributes of the breed. Good conformation, full length double mane/tail, fully feathered, deep chest and lively action.

SG although a stallion is gentle to handle and produces foals which are easy to handle and enjoy human contact.

Sakar Gold has consistently proven to pass on these attributes regardless of the mare covered. 

SG is DNA tested and certified for the Tobiano markings. This means, regardless of the mare’s colouring, every foal from SG will have colour plus white markings. 


Covering Services:

Konna Baza Sakar offers a three-to five day covering process, (depending on where the mare is in her cycle). We cover in-hand- once per day for three-consecutive days. During this period, the mare is stabled at our EU compliant facility.

Should the mare not be confirmed in foal the following month, we operate a no foal free return policy.

Additional Services:
We also offer equine transport to and from Konna Baza Sakar. Additional stabling with own food/or ours (price varies) and experienced equine reproductive vet is based in Elhovo.  

For more information please contact:, message our Facebook page- here or call:  098 7917 8522.